"The fact that the errors on the onside kick altered the outcome of the game is most unfortunate and unsettling.". . . . . Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen.


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You truly are pathetic ... what a sad state of affairs that you have such a strong emotional investment in college football. Your dad mustn't have paid much attention to you when you were growing up. I take that back ... your dad must currently not be paying much attention to you, because you still haven't grown up.

Thanks for mentioning that I win for longest email ... it's something Oklahoma can't say about the outcome of its most recent game against Oregon. If you'd like to create another Web site, I checked godaddy and voidlongestemail.com is available.

Anyway, I won't waste anymore of my time trying to convince you that your efforts are in vain. The only thing that's void is your sensibility and couth.

Get back to animal husbandry, bedding your first cousion or calling your brother dad ... you know, what you Sooners do best.

We may suck, but you guys are a bunch of bitter, sniveling, morally ignorant, cow-pie-throwing crybabies.

Coinicidence that your first name rhymes with the F-word? I don't think so.

---- XXXXXXXXXXX wrote:
> Wow - you win the longest email so far. (You probably spent more time on the email than we did on the site.) We're flattered.

> Sincerely,

> Chuck Cornell - on behalf of the entire www.voidgame.com crew

> -----Original Message-----
> From:XXXXXXX@cox.net
> To: contactus@voidgame.com
> Sent: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 10:58 AM
> Subject: Pretty sad
> To the creators of voidgame.com:
> It's incredibly unsettling and troubling you would spend so much time fighting
> for something, that at the end of the day, doesn't matter.
> Did Oklahoma get hosed? Absolutely. Has Oklahoma ever benefited and ultimately
> won as a result of bad officiating? Absolutely. If you say no, you probably also
> believe America attacked itself on 9/11.
> On that note, let's put some perspective on your trivial, meaningless and empty
> mission to void the game. In football, or any sport for that matter, do we fight
> for life and death? At the end of the day, will a sick child live because our
> team won? Will terrorism end when Oklahoma, Oregon or Ohio State wins the big
> game? Does a touchdown cure cancer? Will those 3,000 Americans who perished in
> the attacks of 9/11 rise again if you get your wish?
> I don't want to hear about how those kids on the OU team deserve better, how a
> huge victory was taken from them and the resulting loss will scar them forever.
> There's no way it compares to a kid fighting cancer. It doesn't compare to the
> suffering of the parents who have to say goodbye to their 10-year-old who
> succumbs to the disease after a valiant battle. It doesn't compare to the man
> who lost his legs in a car accident. And it certainly doesn't compare to 3,000
> Americans who lost their lives in the most horrific attack in U.S. history.
> Why am I drawing those comparisons? Imagine the difference you could make if you
> devoted as much time fund-raising for a charity or volunteering at your local
> soup kitchen. Instead, you and others use words like "travesty" and "cheated,"
> in reference to what happened to the Sooners. Tell that to the widow of a dead
> soldier or a kid who knows he won't live to see his eleventh birthday.
> You like definitions ... here's one for you:
> Ignorance: a lack of knowledge, or a willful lack of desire to improve the
> efficiency, merit, effectiveness or usefulness of one's actions. Ignorance is
> also a "state of being ignorant" or unaware (not knowing).
> Game: an amusement or pastime or frivolous or trifling behavior.
> Despicable: morally reprehensible.
> I think the last definition best describes you. Grow up.
> Please respond. I'm sure you'll have much to say, or at least you'll threaten to
> kill me.
> Go Ducks and every other opponent Oklahoma has this year.
> ________________________________________________________________________
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