"The fact that the errors on the onside kick altered the outcome of the game is most unfortunate and unsettling.". . . . . Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen.


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The stage: Oregon and Oklahoma are battling a close fought game at Autzen Stadium on September 16, 2006. Oregon scores a touched with 69 seconds left to bring the game to Oklahoma 33, Oregon 27. There is roughly a minute left and everyone watching knows the next play is going to be an onside kick. (somebody send us the transcript!)

Event #1: Referee Dave Cutaia, High School Friend and long time associate of Oregon Coach Mike Belotti, awards the onside to kick to Oregon despite the fact that it was touched by an Oregon player before travelling 10 yards and he never recovered the ball and OU Player, Jason Patrick, clearly recovered the ball (see home page).

Event #2: Instant Replay Official and local resident, Gordon Reise: (a) misses the fact that an Oregon player clearly touches the ball before it travels 10 yards, (b) misses the fact that an OU player recovered the ball, and (c) determines that an OU player actually [a ghost?] touched the ball first.

Event #3: Former Oregon Quarterback Dan Fouts says on National Television, "They really blew the call. I can't believe it."

Event #4: A pass interference call is reviewed by Gordon Reise. The ball is clearly tipped. Again, crack official, Gordon Reise somehow misses the call. Oregon scores on the next play.

Event #5: Oregon "wins" the game.

Monday, September 18, 2006: In an unprecedented move, University of Oklahoma president David Boren writes a letter to Big 12 Commissioner Kevin Wieberg and demands the game's result be stricken from the record books.

Monday, September 18, 2006: Pac 10 Commissioner Tom Hansen apologizes and recognizes the game's outcome (of which there are only 2, OU wins, or Oregon wins) was "altered."

Tuesday, September 19, 2006:  In response to Boren's letter, www.voidgame.com is created by a group of alumni. VoidGame issues a demand to the Pac10 that all officials involved in the game resign immediately. Several hundred users click the link and bombard the Pac10 officials with emails.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006: Gordon Reise takes an indefinite "leave of absence".

Thursday, September 21, 2006: www.voidgame.com closes its polls to put the game behind. In it's first 36 hours of operations, voidgame.com received over 17,500 emails.

You decide.

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