"The fact that the errors on the onside kick altered the outcome of the game is most unfortunate and unsettling.". . . . . Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen.


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"I feel so bad I missed that call, it's driving me crazy." Gordon Reise, Replay Official, Portland Resident

"The Dash understands why Sooner Nation lost its collective mind after the officiating fiasco at the end of the Oregon game, which was won by the Ducks, 34-33. The non-call on the onside kick stunk. The inept review of the call was worse. The Pac-10's one-game suspension of the offending officials was completely justified." Pat Forde, ESPN.com

"Errors clearly were made and not corrected, and for that we apologize to the University of Oklahoma, coach Bob Stoops and his players. They played an outstanding college football game, as did Oregon, and it is regrettable that the outcome of the contest was affected by the officiating." Tom Hansen, Pac10 Commissioner

 "At least they have reacted to it and tried. Truly there can be no amends to it and it can't be corrected," Bob Stoops, OU Head Coach

"Video replay shows an Oregon player touched the ball before it traveled 10 yards. It also shows that Allen Patrick of Oklahoma recovered the kick." Ivan Maisel, ESPN.com

"We don't have any rules against officials working games at their alma maters like some conferences do." Jim Muldoon, Pac 10 Associate Commissioner of Communications

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