"The fact that the errors on the onside kick altered the outcome of the game is most unfortunate and unsettling.". . . . . Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen.


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The Truth Shall Set You Free


Posted by The Oregonian Sports Desk September 18, 2006 11:18

I'm calling out Duck Nation.  Show some class and admit that you got lucky.   Admit that what happened on the onside kick was a complete joke.   Admit that deep down inside, you know that the Sooners should have walked away with the victory.  I am completely alarmed that I am receiving emails form Oregon fans attempting to brush away the onside kick debacle by pointing to-. 

1.      Oregon made great plays down the stretch.  

2.      Oklahoma had some calls go their way earlier in the game.  

3.      The game is 60 minutes.   One play can't lose it for you. 

4.      Oregon has been on the short end of bad calls in the past.  Look.   Every game in history has its share of questionable calls.   You role with them.   That's life.   And every team makes plays and doesn't make plays.   You role with that.  But what happened on the onside kick was a complete joke.   It wasn't simply a missed call, or a bad judgement call.   It was a complete violation of the rules of football.  Forget whether or not the ball went 10 yards.   Forget who touched it first.  Oregon never recovered the football.   Oklahoma did. 

Say that with me.   "Oregon never recovered the football.   Oklahoma did. 

In fact, #23 for the Sooners had the ball for eight seconds before the Umpire awarded the ball to Oklahoma.   What was the official looking for while he was digging through the pile of players? Because he sure as heck didn't see the football.   Yet, he awarded it to Oregon. 

Amazing! Oklahoma had it.   Consequently, it should have been Sooners' ball.   End of story!

There's no judgment.   There's no question.   There's no debate.

It was hilarious to watch the video showing Ducks jumping up and down even though none of them had the ball.  I know Oregon fans don't want to admit it.   I know it hurts.   I know it's easier to look the other way.   But I offer these three scenarios as equivalents to what happened Saturday. 

1.      Bottom of the ninth, two outs, game tying run on third.   Ground ball hit to the shortstop, throw to first.   If runner is safe, tie game.   If he's out, fielding team wins.   Runner is called out.   Controversy ensues.   Did the runner beat the throw? BUT WAIT! There's more.   Video shows that the first baseman never caught the ball.   It sailed over his head and into the dugout.   Still, fielding team wins.  

2.      Sooners QB Paul Thompson throws a last-second touchdown pass to beat Ducks.   But the play is under review.   Did the receiver land one foot in-bounds? It's close.   Officials award TD to Oklahoma.   Ducks lose.   BUT WAIT! There's more! The receiver never caught the ball.   In fact, it bounced off his helmet and into the stands.   But replay showed that his foot was in.   So, TD Sooners.   Ducks lose.  

3.      Game 7.   NBA Finals.   LeBron James shoots jumper with seconds left down 101-100 to the Blazers (LOL).   The play is under review.   Did James get the shot off before the buzzer? Officials say he did.   Cavs win! BUT WAIT! There's more! The ball never went into the basket.   But hey, James might have gotten his shot off in time.   Cavs win!Look.   I'm not trying to rain on Oregon's parade.   Dennis Dixon was brilliant in bringing Oregon back.   Oregon fans will be watching those highlights on the big board for the next 100 years.   Kenny Wheaton who?But I can't stand hypocrisy.

That said, to me, Oregon was the better team.   It outplayed the Sooners in most aspects.   But it also committed four turnovers.   We could go around and around about that stuff.  But the reality is that at the most critical point of the game, Oklahoma got completely jacked!If you can't admit that, you're not being honest with yourself.  If the situation had been reversed, Duck Nation would be calling for a congressional hearing.  

There would be marching in the streets of Eugene, candle light vigils outside of Autzen, a statue depicting the play would have been built in front of the Casanova Center with a plaque reading, "The end of innocence.  "I seem to remember Duck Nation and Oregon coach Mike Bellotti voicing displeasure over a call that took away Cameron Colvin's TD last year against USC.   The TD would have made the score 31-20 USC with eight minutes left.   The Trojans ended up winning 45-13.   But Duck Nation still whined about that horrible call.   So, don't kick the Sooner fan around today when he/she has a right to be upset.  

Bottom line: Go ahead and rejoice.   Take the win from the officials.   Stick it under your coat.   Sneak out the back door.   Hop into the getaway car.   Speed off into the night.  But at least admit that the Sooners were robbed and Oregon is in possession of stolen property.  You'll sleep better at night.



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